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Wildlings Forest School Program

Our Wildlings Forest School sessions, led by Bush Kindy leader, Amanda England, were run in the environmental area at Kenmore State School. At the beginning of each session, Amanda would discuss safety, boundaries and caring for environments.

In the first week, the children went on a scavenger hunt and made nature mobiles using the sticks, seed pods, feathers, and leaves that they found.

In our second week of the program, the children made cubby houses, abseiled down the bank, pounded flowers to make their own prints and explored the challenging tools. During the third week the children learned how to use the fire strikers. They also made a fire in a fire pit and roasted marshmallows.

In the fourth and final week, the children assisted in making the fire in the fire pit, made damper on sticks and drank warm milk chocolate made using a Kelly kettle.

Each session the children explored craft materials, mud kitchen, shovels, butterfly nets, magnifying glasses, scavenger hunt sheets and books which Amanda brought along in her trolleys. The children were encouraged to take reasonable risks, make choices, care for nature and environments, explore with confidence and connect with others.

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