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Director, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader

Bachelor of Primary Education & Dip Early Childhood Education and Care

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Teacher for the Magpie and Kookaburra Groups

Dip Early Childhood Education

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Teacher for the

Rosella Group

Bachelor of Education

(Early Childhood)

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Teacher for the 

Lorikeet Group

Bachelor of Education

(Early Childhood)



Supportive opportunities to develop as communicators through class presentations, end of year concert performance and other events

Empowering children to problem-solve, engage in critical thinking and accept challenges.

Curriculum based on the Queensland Government’s Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the National Early Years Learning Framework

Private parental access to photos and information about their child each week through Storypark, our interactive online software system

Strong family involvement through regular parent participation in the classroom and events such as Special Visitor’s Day, Family BBQ’s and Family Fun Days.

We take an active role in the local community, for example:

  • Entering exhibits in the Brookfield Show

  • Participating in the Kenmore State School’s Under 8’s Week Activities

  • Excursions to the environmental area at Kenmore State School



Developing independence, confidence and resilience

Kenmore District Kindergarten operates as a not-for-profit organisation, this means that any profit that the Kindy makes is directed back into the Centre, for the sole benefit of the children to ensure they have access to the highest standard of education. We are a double unit Centre offering four Kindy groups, each with up to 22 children per group.


Our Kindy provides a happy environment where each child is valued as an individual. We provide a unique setting with a beautiful outdoor environment for children to experience a play-based education that helps them grow and thrive.

A volunteer committee is elected each year from the parent body and is responsible for the overall management of the Kindy. The Kindergarten Director/ Nominated Supervisor has oversight of the day-to-day operations, with all staff qualified and experienced in early childhood.  Our Centre is affiliated with The Gowrie which has been providing the highest standard of early childhood education in Queensland since 1940. Attending Kenmore District Kindergarten is a lovely legacy amongst many families, with multiple generations having their ‘first day’ photographs taken in front of the Kindy gatehouse.

Having a child at our kindergarten is to join a community, with lifelong friendships formed amongst children and parents alike.

In May 2021,  Kenmore District Kindy was assessed and rated as overall Exceeding the National Quality Standard by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

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The subscription to the Queensland Museum Lending Sections also provides interesting specimens which extend the children’s knowledge and stimulate their interests each fortnight.

The Special Programs run in conjunction with Kenmore State School helps the children establish a positive approach to new learning experiences and helps remove some of the anxiety faced when beginning school.


The experiences and information gained can be transferred to any new school. Some of the activities that occurred in the tours included:

  • Visits to the library and the tuckshop;

  • Playing on the playground equipment;

  • Learning to use the ‘big’ toilets and drinking bubblers.

A variety of specialist visits throughout the year to extend the curriculum including:

  • Sports Program run by Playball

  • Wildlings Forest School

  • Bee Expert visit for harvesting and splitting our Native Beehives

  • Evergreen Children’s Theatre – Rainforest/Reef Experience

  • Chick Hatching Program

  • A Special Christmas Show

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Admin/ Finance

Bachelor of Business Accountancy

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Educator in the Magpie and Kookaburra Group

Dip Children’s Services in Early Childhood

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Educator in the

Rosella Group

4-year trained in Early Childhood Education

Mrs Robyn Bowman.jpg


Educator in the

Lorikeet Group

Dip Early Childhood Education and care

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Aftercare educator

Dip Early Childhood Education

Mrs Luisa Babbolin.jpg


Additional Educator in the Magpie Group

Dip Children’s Services




Certificate 3 Early Childhood Education

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Visiting music specialist

Bachelor of Creative Industries & GradDip Education



At Kenmore District Kindergarten, we, the staff and managing committee, believe in excellence in education for each child through play.

Learning through play is the most successful way for young children to develop the skills necessary to be lifelong learners, guiding them along the road to a well-balanced adult life. As stated in the National Early Years Learning Framework, “Play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. When children play with other children, they create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings.” Using the voices of children, the families, and educators we shape the curriculum through play-based experiences. The collaboration of children and families each year leads to new challenges and learning opportunities for all.

We view children as unique and curious learners who have their own individual way of exploring and making sense of the world around them. We aim to create a secure and supportive environment that encourages children to develop a sense of wellbeing, independence, confidence and skills, explore their interests, learn at their own pace, make connections, be an effective communicator, and become a contributing and respectful member of the group.  We work towards empowering children to question, engage in critical thinking, problem solve, persevere, accept challenges, and build emotional resilience.

We recognise parents and guardians as children’s first and foremost educators and therefore value their contribution to our kindergarten. We promote positive partnerships with families through open communication. We are an inclusive service which recognises and embraces the diversity of everyone in our kindergarten community. We recognise the Turrbal and Yuggera people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we play and learn.

Everyone at the Kindy is encouraged to respect nature and our learning environment and we encourage sustainable practices throughout the service.

We value our links with local schools and our strong connections with our community. We believe in participation in local events and liaise with services and resources to enrich our program. Through reciprocal relationships, we highly value our learning community. We strive for excellence and are fully committed to continuous improvement through reflective practices.



Kenmore District Kindergarten is a purpose-built Centre. In 1957, the Kenmore Progress Association formed what would later become the Kenmore District Kindergarten and Preschool Association. Architect S. Trotter drew up plans and specifications for the original building, which is half of the current building, and the Brisbane City Council was persuaded to lease half an acre of land to us.

In 1958, the first classes began in the Presbyterian Hall, now the Uniting Church Hall on Moggill Road, with 10 children in attendance. In May of that year the children moved into the newly completed premises. By 1960 the numbers had grown and a duplicate of the building had to be constructed. This was completed in 1961.

2007 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Centre and was celebrated with a weekend of festivities including the reunion of past committee members and staff, including our special guest Ian Seale our Founding President.

In 2011, the Committee and Staff of Kenmore District decided to change its Central Governing Body (CGB) from C&K to Gowrie.

The kindergarten celebrated 60 years of operation in 2017, with a special morning tea for past committee members followed by a Family Fun Day with many activities and games for the children.

Throughout its history, the kindergarten has relied on the enthusiastic help of volunteers and generous donations of both time and money. Kenmore District has played an integral part in the history of the area, and we look forward to fulfilling the needs of our community for many years to come.



Our vision is to visibly recognise and respect the cultures and rights of the First Australians and to build genuine, respectful relationships with all children and families who attend our service. Through developing awareness, knowledge and respect and through working together as a community, including the young children at our service, we can grow, learn and build a deeper understanding of our countries history.

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Gowrie is a community-based not-for-profit organisation providing a diverse range of early childhood and family support services. The Brisbane Lady Gowrie Child Centre was established in 1940 and has grown substantially over the years. Gowrie distributes funding available from the Queensland Government to its services, under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme. This funding contributes to approximately 40% of the overall costs of our centre and the Management Committee is responsible for the remaining operational costs. These costs are covered by fees and fundraising, and the committee relies upon the personal commitment of the parents to become involved in these efforts.

Affiliation with the Gowrie means that Kenmore District Kindergarten has reached high standards in the areas of staff qualifications, educational programs, safety, facilities, buildings and grounds.  It also means that we have an approved Constitution and that we are community controlled, through a Management Committee elected from the parent body and other interested community members.

An affiliated Kindergarten’s curriculum is supervised by a Gowrie Early Childhood Co-ordinator.   Affiliation also gives us access to the resources of the Gowrie Association which include:

  • Management advice, including seminars for committees

  • Professional development for teachers and assistants

  • Support for staff in curriculum development

  • Marketing advice

  • Playground consultancy

  • Government funding